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Become a BBG member and tap in to the expert knowledge needed to grow business. Gain stronger visibility and take part in the most exclusive business events and networks and enhance your prestige and influential presence in Bangladesh and British business communities.


The BBG offers a full service-package aimed at supporting their clients’ business activities on the Dutch and British markets. Please contact us to request a quote or further information about our support services.



The BBG organizes several events to inform her members and strategic partners on specific topics and for different occasions, such as networking, insights, and support.


About BBG

The first initiatives to the establishment of the Bangladesh British Chamber of Commerce (BBG) were taken in London in 1889 and today the BBG is a fully independent bi-lateral commercial membership organization with members and clients in Bangladesh, the United Kingdom and some third countries.

The BBG activities range from trade missions to seminars and a large variety of small and large scale networking events. The BBG also offers a range of commercial services to its members and clients.

Our Members