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Since November, 2017, BBG has already had over 35 enrollments who are all prominent British Organizations from key industries. BBG now embarks on a journey which paves…



BBG is essentially a body that seeks ways and means of improving business environment for British companies that operate in Bangladesh. Many of the challenges faced by…



The BBG organizes several events to inform her members and strategic partners on specific topics and for different occasions, such as networking, insights, and support…


About BBG

The British Business Group has been in existence since 2005 and was operated under the umbrella of the British High Commission (BHC). However, in 2015, a decision was taken that BBG would become an independent entity and run its own affairs as an independent legally registered body. Nevertheless, BHC support and patronage has and will continue as before. BBG was formally registered as a Trust in May 2017 and has a fully operational secretariat in place now. The Trust is run by 7 Board of Trustees, all representing key business sectors in Bangladesh.